March 12, 2011

Newport Beach CA Real Estate Listings

If you ask a realtor where you would be able to find the best looking houses and the best property investments are in California, the immediate answer would be Newport Beach, Orange County. This vibrant coastal city, which prides of a wonderful semi-artificial doc and harbor, has some of the grandest and most expensive homes, in the region. Thus, it is not at all surprising that Newport landed the title of being the “Coastal Shopping Center” of California, and the United States’ wealthiest city. With a quarter of its citizens earning over $200,000 yearly and its properties listed for millions, the whole of Newport Beach could be likened to a very close and exclusive community wherein the rich and the glamorous reside.

Newport Beach is definitely the most popular among the coastal cities in Southern California. Not only did the city earn its prestige in being the home of the families in the upper class, but it has also managed to become one of the most desired real estate spots in the whole of the United States. This is not surprising considering how Newport has practically the pleasures of both luxury urban living and the tranquil quality of a vacation haven. Many families, over the years, have been satisfied with the residential perks that the coastal city presents. For first time home buyers, looking for a house or a property to purchase in Newport is easy if they are able to find an extensive real estate listing which specifies not only the price ranges in specific locations, but also the property types and other vital information that a prospect buyer should know firsthand.

The first factor to consider is whether you have the means to purchase a property, or you’d have to settle for leasing and renting depending on the negotiated payment schedule. In Newport real estate listings, one would immediately observe that houses are classified not only according to their price range but also according to their specifications and types. There are houses specifically labeled as ‘fit as vacation homes’ while others are merely labeled as ‘from foreclosure’. Houses are considered to be fit to be vacation homes if they are specifically located in the more scenic areas of the city like the cliffs or the harbor. Houses that are from foreclosure are previously owned and fully furnished. They also cost a bit less. And then there are the luxury homes or the houses which are fit to be lived in but which are boasting of grandeur and class. These are more commonly known as the mansions. On the other hand, there are newly built houses that are freshly listed. The prices of newly listed houses vary depending on their location, their size, and their appearance. An ordinary family which sticks with the budget would still be able to find a reasonably priced home which is within their financial capacity.

The average price of properties in Newport real estate listings is about a million and a half. This statistic should not bother some families, though, because there is a considerably wide gap between the price of the high end properties and the properties that are relatively for the middle class.

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