March 16, 2011

Pilot Launch of REALTOR Ratings Program

March 14, 2011 - MLSListings, Inc. and the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) announced today the pilot launch of the REALTOR® Ratings program, a joint effort to develop an industry standard across northern California for measuring real estate agent performance and customer service—based on independently-verified reviews from home buyer and seller clients.

Designed by independent consumer review agency Quality Service Certification (QSC), the program collects and evaluates feedback from both buyer and seller clients in the months following the home sale, and provides information to brokers and agents to help them better evaluate and market their services to consumers.

“Despite the variety of real estate agent review sites, there is no single consistent standard for comparison among agents, nor in many cases, reliability of the reviews themselves,” explained Jim Harrison, president and CEO of MLSListings. “Through this program, we’re looking to create a system that combines third-party verification with real transaction participants, involving the agents and brokers in the process, and provide information that consumers can trust as a legitimate and thorough evaluation.”

“Not only is the REALTOR® Ratings program a way to make sure that REALTORS® are being rated accurately based on actual transactions, but it also helps raise the bar of professionalism in the real estate industry and provides accountability for the REALTOR®,” said C.A.R. Treasurer Don Faught.

Northern California brokers from Intero Real Estate Services, Bailey Properties, Alain Pinel Realtors, Sereno Group, Realty World, and Legacy Real Estate have volunteered as local pilot participants, making the program available to their agents in several diverse markets from Monterey to the Peninsula, and across to Fremont and the East Bay. Clients of the participating agents will receive a survey of close to a dozen questions evaluating their complete transaction experience, and QSC will manage the data collection, analysis and display.

Agents can offer a link to their ratings page via an email signature or web page banner, as well as neighborhood flier and other promotional opportunities. Additionally, consumers will be able to view REALTOR® Rated agents via the QSC website directory. The pilot program is slated to run for the next several months, as participants evaluate its feasibility and ways to improve upon the process.

MLSListings, Inc. is among the first MLSs in the nation to pursue a consistent, reliable standard for customer service in the real estate profession, which will serve both subscribers as well as the general public.

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